Monday, March 23, 2009

The chick magnet

I have been such a naughty girl with this blog, but I swear I'm going to change my ways...
It's soo much more fun to just read all my favorite blogs....
So anyways, here's an update:
I have tons of finished bears and partially finished bears. It's like a bear explosion all over my desk and work space. The finished bears are either bears I just can't bear to let go of quite yet (this group seems to be growing) or bears that need the perfect little accessories before I can sell them. I just can't seem to bear to sell a bare bear anymore. The problem is, it seems to take more time to think up then make the perfect little accessories than it does to make the bear. My other problem is, and my dear husband makes fun of me for this, is that I seem to have to take at least a hundred pictures for each and every bear, then I have to go through and edit them and decide which to use. Oh well, everyone has character flaws.
So I finally got this bear finished and photographed. I've had this idea for quite a while:
He's the Chick Magnet (husband came up with name)
This little bear sure loves to party with the chicks, but please don't hold it against him!
Anyways, I haven't decided whether to eBay him or list him on Etsy.
I have not listed a bear on eBay for quite a while now, but I keep thinking I need to start doing it again.