Saturday, September 22, 2007

Halloween, Christmas and ......Valentine's Day?

So, I got an invitation from Teddy Bear Review Magazine to do a Valentine's themed bear. I have never sent them anything before. I have been in Teddy Bear & Friends magazine a couple of times, but not Review. I am having a hard time thinking of Valentine themes, since my brain is soo excited about Halloween and Christmas (my two very favorite holidays). I created a Halloween cat, lucky is her name. She was going to be for eBay, but I just can't part with her. This has actually been happening more often lately. I just can't seem to part with my bears.
Anyways, have way too many ideas for Halloween and Christmas, but I will just have to lay them aside while I plan out my valentine......
So far I am thinking....a little nurse for the broken heart, Queen of Hearts... Umm that's it so far. I'd probably better just get started on the bear and then go from there.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Trying to get work done...

I guess I am not so great at this blogging, yet... I have been trying my best to get alot of work done, in my house, on my bears, and on misc art projects. I have a craft room that I am scared to go into. I know I have all sorts of bits and bobs to use and get ideas from that I can't actually access. I am expecting, so while I was super sick for three months I had an excuse. Now I don't. I do feel very happy with myself every time I get some little thing done, a new bear on eBay, getting more work done on my website (which is still under construction), or putting something new in my shop on etsy. I did put a bear on etsy, the first. It is a little pink and brown vintage panda.