Monday, November 2, 2009

More photos of past projects

Happy Belated Halloween! I was so excited about Halloween this year, it was going to be the first year I took my 20 month old daughter trick or treating. I had gotten her the cutest little snuggly warm lion costume from a second hand shop. Oh the best-laid plans of mice and men ( is that how the quote actually goes?). So my daughter and I both came down with the flu the day before the big day. And were stuck miserably at home while everyone else celebrated.
....Abrupt change of subject...
Here are some more pics of past work. Hopefully tomorrow I will post some present stuff.
The first pic is a little bat bear I did either last year or the year before that. Sold on eBay. Boy, I loved that little bat. I must say it was one of my favorites. The other 2 pics are of a little micro anime cat in his little mouse car that I made, and a pic showing how tiny he is.

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